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Thank you for visiting my website! I am a young and enthusiastic woman keen to cultivate and inspire others on their life journey. My inner-voice developed from the ashes of my past and gave birth to a fiercely winged Phoenix. The embers of ravishment and medical complications encouraged me to persevere and thrive.


Throughout my life experiences, I discovered my self-worth, how to accept myself and love myself. My journey of self-discovery occurred while teaching English and advocating for mental health at a psychiatric facility in Bali, Indonesia. Throughout my life, I continued to further my education and I graduated from California State University, San Bernardino with a Bachelors of Arts in Biological Psychology and a Masters of Arts in Rehabilitation Counseling. I am eager to help any age, ethnicity, creed, and gender. All are welcomed! 

coaching is for you if:


Coaching is for you if: the pandemic caused you to question your spirituality, religion and identity.

Coaching is for you if: you're searching for your inner voice.

Coaching is for you if: you want to develop better habits and routines to reach your version of success.

Coaching is for you: if you want to identify and understand your emotions. 

Coaching is for you if: you feel "stuck" in your life. 


Coaching is for you if: you want to develop healthy self-esteem and confidence. 


Coaching is for you if: you need someone to talk to. 


Coaching is for you: if you have suffered a loss and/or grieving. 

Contact me:
Facebook: Feed The Soul Life Coaching
Hours of Operation:8am-8pm PDT
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